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Acne (Acne vulgaris): During puberty and frequently beyond, between 70-95 percent of men and women suffer from acne. An important reason is the increased production of male hormones, which is why men suffer from severe acne more often than women. However, both genders are equally affected.

The most important factors in acne are sebum overproduction, cornification and thus blockage of pores, and bacterial colonization of the skin. Not only internal factors can influence acne, but also external ones such as smoking, oily/comedogenic care products, hormone preparations and certain medications. Acne not only affects the face, but can also affect the shoulders, back and décolltée. Many people feel uncomfortable with their skin. This does not have to be the case, as acne is usually a very treatable disease.

Therapy of acne

The therapy depends on the form and severity of the acne. With mild forms of acne, a very beautiful skin appearance can already be achieved with suitable care products. If this measure is not sufficient, a local therapy with corneal loosening, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory substances is carried out. In the case of severe acne, where local therapy is not sufficient and scars may even develop, a tablet treatment with an antibiotic or with medication (vitamin A acid preparation) is carried out.

The Dermanence medical team will be happy to discuss the various therapy options with you and accompany you during the required therapy.

Nursing advice can be given at any time without an appointment by our medical assistants at the reception desk.

Acne vulgaris. Frequently affected body regions: Lower face, shoulders, chest and upper back.

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