Laser Acne Therapy

With Gold Particles

Innovative acne therapy with gold particles and laser

The Sebacia microparticles allow a novel treatment of acne and are the innovation of the last two decades in the field of acne. The key to this lies in the highly effective combination of finest gold particles with laser heat. How the so-called Sebacia Acne Treatment works and what benefits it brings to the skin, in the following

In contrast to pimples and blackheads, which only appear in phases and in places on the face and can be easily treated with the right cleansing and care products and disinfectant anti-pimple lotions, acne can appear on a larger area – for example on the cheeks or forehead – and permanently disturb the skin texture. Typical causes, apart from predisposition, are mainly hormonal changes which result in excessive sebum production, clog pores and, in combination with bacteria, can lead to painful inflammation. If deep inflammations exist, these scars can be left behind. Early medical advice and treatment is therefore important.

The Sebacia method combines the finest gold particles with controlled laser heat to produce localized heating of the pores and sebaceous glands. This combats the three main causes of acne, i.e. the overproduction of sebum, the blockage of the pore exits and the skin bacteria. The result is visible after about three to six months because the heat treatment has reduced the number of acne spots and the skin appears visibly more even, brighter and purer.

In a practical study conducted in Europe, 74% improvement was achieved after 6 months by using the Sebacia microparticles. Latest results now show an improvement of 85% after 12 months. These results suggest that the acne will continue to improve for weeks and months after the Sebacia procedure. More than half (56%) of the patients were free of medication after 12 months. Furthermore, only 14% of the patients took systemic medication during the 12 months.

A Sebacia treatment cycle consists of three sessions, which take place at weekly intervals. Each session runs in four steps. It begins with a thorough cleansing of the skin to remove excess oil, dirt and make-up residue, minimise the risk of irritation and create the best conditions for application. In the second step, a fluid-like solution with microscopically fine gold particles is applied and gently massaged into the skin. During this process, the metallic micro-particles should be introduced into the pores as thoroughly as possible. During the application, a burning sensation or a feeling of warmth may be felt on the skin. Excess product is then removed with a damp cloth.
During the third phase, the affected area of skin is treated with the laser. During the laser therapy, a feeling of warmth, burning or pain may occur, so the skin is cooled well. As the gold absorbs the laser heat and radiates it to the surrounding tissue, the sebaceous glands and pores can be specifically treated with heat, which effectively reduces sebaceous gland activity and reduces inflammation in the skin. In the last treatment step, the gold solution is washed off again and the treated skin is cooled.

At least 2-4 weeks before the Sebacia therapy, a pre-treatment with peeling care products or acne therapeutics is carried out to open the pores so that the gold particles can easily penetrate them to achieve the effect. This pre-treatment is determined in a consultation with your dermatologist. The products are stopped three days before the first laser therapy. In the case of lip herpes, prophylaxis with medication should be taken. On the day before the treatment, hairy areas which are to be treated must be shaved.

The Sebacia therapy takes about 60-90 minutes. Practical: After the treatment, no restrictions or even downtimes are to be expected; redness of the skin disappears after a few hours. No make-up should be applied for one day after the laser therapy. 2-4 weeks after the last laser therapy the local acne therapeutics can be used again.

In principle, anyone suffering from pimples or even acne can undergo the therapy. Prerequisite is a prior assessment of the skin condition and an informative conversation with the dermatologist. If the acne is highly inflammatory and there are deep inflammations which cause scars, a classic acne therapy should be carried out. Even after a holiday, i.e. when the skin is well tanned, you should still wait with the Sebacia therapy, as the laser cannot work as desired due to the stronger pigmentation of the skin and pigment changes could occur. For safety reasons, laser therapy cannot be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Also no gold allergy may exist.

The costs of Sebacia acne therapy are not covered by health insurance.
Sebacia treatment is uncomplicated, low-risk and can lead to long-term improvement of the skin’s appearance.


Akne vulgaris. Häufig betroffene Körperregionen: Untere Gesichtspartie, Schultern, Brust und obere Rückenpartie.

Duration of treatment

60-90 minutes





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On the following day

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