Beard Laser Contouring

Perfect Shape

Shaving is a thing of the past: Precise beard contours thanks to lasers

No matter what kind of beard you choose: In order for facial hair to look really groomed, it needs a lot of attention and care. Many therefore reach for the razor every day and put the hairs in their place. But that doesn’t have to be the case: With the laser the hair can be removed permanently – for a precisely defined beard growth.

In many men, the beard hair proliferates far beyond the cheeks or neck. With the laser, these disturbing hairs can be permanently removed from the face. After the laser treatment, the beard contours are accurate and clearly limited. This gives the beard a neat appearance, without the need for daily shaving.

Before the laser treatment, the desired contours are determined together with the patient. Then the treatment is started. The infrared light of the laser penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the hair roots within fractions of a second. The resulting heat specifically welds the roots without affecting the surrounding skin. As a result, no new hair can grow back. Several sessions are necessary to remove the beard hair permanently. Only when the hair is in the growth phase can the laser destroy its roots.

Dark beard hair removed particularly quickly

In very dark, thick stubble, ten to 20 percent of the hair has already disappeared after one treatment and 70 to 90 percent after another five to ten sessions. The lighter and finer the hair is, the more units are needed to completely destroy the roots. Since laser treatment temporarily makes the skin more sensitive to light, it is important that patients protect it from UV rays for two weeks after treatment with a sun cream with a high sun protection factor.

Duration of treatment

15-20 minutes





Ability to work





next day


next day

Price list

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Costs: Beard contouring with laser

6-8 treatments are recommended.

Single treatment beard contouring 0h15 | CHF 200

Single treatment beard complete 0h20 | CHF 400

Beard contouring with laser in a package of 3 with 10% discount.

All laser treatments above are also available as a 3-pack subscription. Benefit from a 10% discount compared to three individually booked treatments.

3-pack subscription beard contours 0h15 | CHF 540 instead of CHF 600

3-pack subscription beard complete 0h20 | CHF 1’080 instead of CHF 1’200

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