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Hydration treatment with low concentrated hyaluronic acid

Improvement of the skin structure with low concentrated hyaluronic acid

Not only deep furrows and wrinkles make the skin look more tired and older, but also the extensive loss of moisture and elasticity. The complexion looks paler, the skin appears uneven. Hydration therapy with low concentrated hyaluronic acid is an innovative procedure for refreshing the complexion and visibly improving skin quality. This is applied over the entire surface of the skin and, in addition to excellent moisture retention, also stimulates the connective tissue. The effect is already visible after one treatment and lasts up to nine months.

This therapy is particularly suitable for the face, neck, décolleté and the back of the hand.

Let our team of doctors advise you without obligation.  The consultation costs CHF 100. This amount will be deducted when an aesthetic therapy is carried out. Aesthetic services must be paid directly after the treatment.

Duration of treatment

15-20 minutes




anesthetic gel 30 minutes before therapy

Ability to work





next day

Sauna / swimming

next day

Price list

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Costs: Hydration treatment with hyaluronic acid/skin booster

Skin moisturization and treatment of fine lines. 1 ml = CHF 400 = Standard dosages for individual areas:

Face (2 ml) 0h20 | CHF 800

Neck (2 ml) 0h20 | CHF 800

Décolleté (2 ml) 0h20 | CHF 800

Back of the hands (2 ml) 0h20 | CHF 800

Total hand rejuvenation

Laser treatment of age spots 0h15 | CHF 400

Hydration treatment with hyaluronic acid filler (2 ml) 0h20 | CHF 800

Combined package

Laser treatment and hydration treatment with hyaluronic acid filler (skin booster) (2 ml) 0h30 | CHF 1’000


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