Laser therapy for incontinence


Laser therapy for incontinence – IncontiLase

Incontinence, i.e. unwanted loss of urine, is common. People affected usually suffer greatly from it and are reluctant to talk about it due to feelings of shame. The quality of life is often restricted by incontinence.

There are different forms and strengths of incontinence, which must be treated differently.

According to current studies, laser therapy is suitable for incontinence in the following cases:

  • Women with mild stress incontinence (= stress incontinence), SUI I-II
  • if no foreign material is desired in the body (e.g. TVT tape)
  • if a minimally invasive therapy is desired

Prior to therapy, it is therefore essential to clarify the gynaecological causes and determine the degree of incontinence. The gynaecologist can assess whether you can benefit from laser therapy.

The vaginal wall is tightened and strengthened by the laser beams without tissue injury. Collagen fibres, which support the bladder, multiply and gain stability, reducing or completely regressing the loss of urine.

The treatments are performed 4 weeks apart. It should not take place during menstruation. No preparation or follow-up treatment is required.

Duration of treatment

30 minutes




anesthetic cream

Ability to work


Our ability



On the following day

Sauna / swimming

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