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Vampire lift / Plasma Lift


One of the latest innovations in aesthetic medicine is skin rejuvenation PRP. The body’s own active ingredients, so-called growth factors, are brought into the skin to stimulate.  This method is suitable for tightening the skin (especially the face, neck, décolleté and hands), treating superficial wrinkles, dark circles, hair loss, wounds or scars. The treatment and therefore the result is absolutely natural as no foreign substances are added. The skin appears firmer, fresher and rejuvenated. In order to achieve the maximum effect, 3 therapies are recommended at intervals of 2-4 weeks, followed by annual refresher therapies.

Let our team of doctors advise you without obligation.  The consultation costs CHF 100. This amount will be deducted when an aesthetic therapy is carried out. Aesthetic services must be paid directly after the treatment.

PRP procedure. Collection of a small amount of autologous blood. Plasma extraction by centrifugation. Plasma injection into the relevant part of the face or scalp.

Duration of treatment

20-30 minutes




anesthetic cream

Ability to work



after 1-2 days


next day

Sauna / swimming

next day

Price list

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Costs: Skin Rejuvenation with own blood plasma (PRP / Vampire lift)

The 4 different zones: entire face, neck, décolleté or hands (3 treatments recommended)

Single treatment for 1 zone 0h20 | CHF 350

Single treatment for 2 zones 0h30 | CHF 500

Single treatment for 3 zones 0h30 | CHF 650

Single treatment for 4 zones 0h30 | CHF 800

Hair loss treatment with PRP

Recommendation: 3 Treatments every 4 weeks, afterwards  touch up every 6 months.

Single treatment scalp 0h20 | CHF 350

PRP in a package of 3 treatments with 10% discount

All above mentioned PRP treatments are also available as a 3-session. Benefit from a 10% discount compared to three individually booked treatments.

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