Operative Dermatology - Dermatosurgery

Operative Dermatology – Dermatosurgery

One of the focal points of our practice is operative dermatology. Dermanence has a certified operating theatre for this purpose. We routinely carry out excisions from small skin changes to larger tumours. It is important for us to achieve an optimal cosmetic result.

Also painful, ingrown nails can be treated with the so-called phenolisation with a cosmetically very appealing result.

Before each operation, your dermatologist will inform you about the procedure and the necessary postoperative measures.

One of the most common operations is the removal of:

  • irregular birthmarks
  • white skin cancers (basal cell carcinomas and spinocellular carcinomas)
  • sebaceous cysts
  • Lipomas (benign fatty tissue tumor)
  • Black skin cancer (melanoma)
  • ingrown nail parts
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