Hair loss treatment

Many people, both women and men, are affected by hair loss. As dermatologists, we know how great the suffering can be for those affected. We take your feelings seriously and consider hair loss as a medical problem, which we examine and treat competently from a dermatological point of view.

Within the framework of our consultation hours, we deal with the diagnosis and treatment of various forms of hair loss, such as genetically caused loss (androgenetic alopecia), circular loss (alopecia areata) and scarring scalp diseases (e. e.g. lichen ruber and folliculitis decalvans).

The basis of every treatment is first of all a careful consultation and, if necessary, diagnostic clarification.

Hair loss can have a significant impact on our appearance and thus on our self-confidence and quality of life – in our dermatology practice, we offer you numerous methods to stop the hair disease in the long term or at least to greatly reduce the loss.

PRP bei Haarausfall

One possible therapy is PRP treatment: PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is plasma rich in blood platelets that is extracted from the patient’s own blood by centrifugation in a specially made tube. The platelets contain growth factors and biological building blocks that stimulate cell renewal of the hair roots and thus hair growth. Using a MesoGun, the plasma is injected into the affected scalp. Learn more about PRP for hair loss.

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