Hair loss

Decreasing hair density.

Hair loss

Many people, both women and men, are affected by hair loss. As dermatologists, we know how severe the suffering can be for those affected. We take your feelings seriously and regard hair loss as a medical problem which we examine from a dermatological point of view and treat competently.

During our consultation we deal with the diagnosis and treatment of various forms of hair loss, such as genetic loss (androgenetic alopecia), circular loss (alopecia areata) and scarring scalp diseases (e.g. lichen ruber and folliculitis decalvans).

Each treatment is initially based on a careful consultation and, if necessary, diagnostic clarifications.

Hair loss can have a significant influence on our appearance and thus on our self-confidence and our quality of life – in our dermatology practice we offer you numerous methods to stop the hair disease permanently or at least to reduce it considerably.

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