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Perioral dermatitis.



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Perioral dermatitis

Perioral dermatitis, formerly known as “stewardess disease” (as it usually affects young women),  is a common skin condition of the face that presents with small, reddened papules or vesicles around the mouth. The skin directly around the lips typically remains clear. There may be itching, a feeling of tightness or no symptoms at all.

The main cause is over-care of the skin, so that it is no longer able to maintain skin protection and thus becomes inflamed, dry and flaky. Prolonged use of cortisone creams can also lead to perioral dermatitis. This initially causes an improvement, but then the skin worsens.

Therapy of perioral dermatitis.

Therapeutically, it is recommended to temporarily stop all usual skin care products so that the skin can recover on its own. This requires patience! Black tea compresses can also bring additional relief.

Furthermore, various creams that have an anti-inflammatory effect but do not contain cortisone can be used. In the case of very severe infestation, anti-inflammatory antibiotics are used in the first instance, and vitamin A tablets (medication) in the second.

The Dermanence medical team will be happy to discuss the various therapy options with you and accompany you during the desired therapy.

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