Skin biopsy

Skin samples

Biopsy (skin sample)

In many skin diseases, the diagnosis cannot be made solely on the basis of the appearance of the skin. A biopsy is often necessary to make a diagnosis. In a biopsy, the skin is made insensitive using local anesthesia. A small skin punch is then used to remove a round piece of skin and send it to the laboratory for examination. The small skin defect is sutured up with a thread. The wound should be protected for 3 days with the applied plaster. Waterproof plasters can be applied to the body, which can be used for showering. Skin-coloured small plasters (Steri-Strips) are stuck on the face and must not be showered over. After 3 days the plasters may be removed and showered directly over the thread. Do not bathe until the thread has been removed. Sauna or steam bath are also not allowed during this time.

The histological result takes on average one week. Your attending physician will discuss the histological result with you during suture removal.

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