White spot disease (Vitiligo)

The white spot disease or vitiligo is a chronic disease with patchy discoloration of the skin. The skin can no longer pigment due to inhibition or destruction of the pigment forming cells.
The tendency to get vitiligo is probably inherited. The causes are still unclear. It is assumed that this is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s own substances destroy the pigment cells.

Vitiligo is most frequently found in the face, neck, back of the hand and genital region. It does not cause any discomfort and is not contagious. Due to the aesthetic impairment, the quality of life of those affected is sometimes severely impaired.

Therapy of Vitiligo
Vitiligo is not curable and the course of the disease is not predictable. The therapy of the face and neck is usually more successful than that of the body.
Often forms of therapy are combined. Cortisone creams or calcineurin inhibitors are used as local therapy. Light therapy, as also offered in Germanence, stimulates the pigment-forming cells. This is carried out over several months.

Good sun protection is important for everyday life, as the bright areas are more prone to sunburn.
With camouflage, a make-up technique and a high-quality camouflage product, aesthetically pleasing results can be achieved. Our medical assistants will be happy to inform you about camouflage even without an appointment.

White spot disease (Vitiligo vulgaris). Frequently affected body regions: Mouth region, hands, genital area and coccyx region.

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