Welcome to Dermanence. Your skin specialist for classical dermatology, aesthetic medicine, medical cosmetics, laser medicine and surgical dermatology. The dermatology clinic is located within sight of Zurich’s main railway station on the popular Bahnhofstrasse. You will find our entrance on the side of Bahnhofstrasse at the quieter Schützengasse 12. The elevator will take you to the patient registration desk on the 2nd floor. Please bring your health insurance card (if available) with you when you register for the first time. Due to the modern patient management system, we only need a few seconds to register you as a patient with the details of your health insurance card – you only need to check the details on the tablet and sign digitally – done. Then it’s time to take a seat in our patient lounge with a great view over the Bahnhofstrasse. With or without gas? Help yourself with a glass of water from our water dispenser until your dermatologist or practitioner picks you up for your appointment. Photo books and free Wi-Fi are also at your disposal.

The team around Dr. Marianne Meli, FMH Dermatology and Venereology, treats the entire spectrum of dermatology. This includes diseases of the skin, hair and nails. At Dermanence, specialist examinations are carried out to establish a diagnosis and the most up-to-date treatment methods are offered. One of the main areas of treatment at Dermanence is surgical dermatology – so-called dermatosurgery – and routinely performs excisions of benign or malignant skin tumours and aesthetic procedures in the clinic’s own certified operating theatre.

In addition to the classic wrinkle treatment therapies with fillers and BTX, we offer the most effective and latest medical-cosmetic treatments on an extra floor of superlatives: HydraFacial, PRP hair build-up, Sofwave, hair laser, 4D laser facelift, eyelid lift, fractional laser, tattoo removal, mesotherapy, Hollywood and JetPeel are just a few of the many aesthetic treatments that await you at our clinic.

Relax before your treatment in the feel-good spa ambience with a coffee, tea, mineral or glass of prosecco and leave your everyday life behind. In addition to the three treatment rooms – one of which has a fireplace – you will also find our Skincare Boutique with the best products from the number 1 US brand SkinCeuticals for your skin.

Open from Monday to Saturday for booked treatments and product consultations. Skin-friendly greetings, your Dermanence team.