Volume and wrinkle treatment with filler

The aging process in the face is particularly evident in the loss of volume on the cheeks, wrinkling of the nasolabial fold, sunken rings under the eyes or thin lips. The fresh, radiant and plump appearance decreases due to the reduction of the skin’s natural hyaluronan depots. Fortunately, nature can be helped a little here.

Due to its high water-binding capacity, the hyaluronic acid filler is perfectly suited to counteract skin aging. It works wonders, not only padding the skin by binding water, but also supporting collagen and elastic fibres and stimulating their reproduction.

We doctors at Dermanence attach great importance to natural results: “Less is more”. Our patients should feel comfortable in their skin and not fear that the therapy result could look “artificial”.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are suitable for the wrinkle filling of:

✓ Nasolabial folds (wrinkle between nose and mouth)
✓ Puppet pleats
✓ Upper lip folds
✓ frown lines
✓ Forehead wrinkles
✓ Volumetry and modelling of cheekbones
✓ Small corrections in the nose area, nasal humps
✓ Tear-drenched lower eyelids
✓ Jawlines
✓ Chin contour
✓ Lip contour
✓ Volume application of the lips

The doctors at Dermanence use only high quality hyaluronic acid fillers. These have an effective duration of up to one year or even longer, depending on the region treated. The anti-aging effect is maintained if the treatments are repeated at regular intervals.

The procedure of a filler injection:
Before treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers, your doctor should inform you in detail about the filler. Blood-thinning medication should be discontinued if possible to minimize the risk of bruising. The injection sites must be thoroughly disinfected before treatment. The filler is then injected with a blunt cannula or fine needle.

If you are sensitive to pain, an anaesthetic cream can be applied beforehand. This can be collected from our practice at any time to shorten the waiting time. Furthermore, the injection sites can be pre-cooled with a cold pack. The effect is immediately visible, but the skin is still a little swollen at the beginning. After about 2 weeks the final result is achieved.


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1 ml = CHF 600. Each additional millilitre CHF 500. Standard dosages for individual ares:

Nasolabial fold (1-2 ml)
0h30 | CHF 600-1’100

Lips (1 ml)
0h30 | CHF 600

Lines around the mouth (pleats) (1-2 ml)
0h30 | CHF 600-1’100

Marionette fold (1 ml)
0h30 | CHF 600

Contouring/cheek volume (1-2 ml)
0h30 | CHF 600-1’100

Soft lifting (2-3 ml)
0h30 | CHF 600-1’600

Nose correction (1 ml)
0h30 | CHF 600

Sunken lower eyelids (1 ml)
0h30 | CHF 600

Jawlines (1-2 ml)
0h30 | CHF 600-1’100

Sunken temples (1-2 ml)
0h30 | CHF 600-1’100

Back of the hands (1-2 ml)
0h30 | CHF 600-1’100

Study images: Before and after comparison

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Image source: Merz Aesthetics belotero.com/photos und radiesse.com/photos/



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