Mole check

Skin cancer prevention

Mole check / skin cancer prevention

The number of people suffering from skin cancer is constantly increasing in Switzerland. All age groups can be affected, but the frequency increases with age. A distinction is made between the more dangerous black skin cancer (melanoma) and white skin cancer (most commonly basal cell carcinoma and spinocellular carcinoma). These are often preceded by preliminary stages.

It is important to recognize these precancerous stages or very early forms of skin cancer in good time so that there is a good chance of a complete cure.

How often is skin cancer screening necessary/sensory?
There is no fixed rule. After the initial examination, the patient’s risk profile is determined. Persons with light skin types, many moles, melanomas in the family and frequent sunburns in the past have an increased risk of developing skin cancer.

After a careful clinical examination and if necessary photo documentation of moles/skin changes, you will be informed how often dermatological controls are necessary in your case.

How can I reduce the risk of skin cancer?
The most important measure to reduce the occurrence of skin cancer is optimal sun protection. Which sun protection factor should be used depends on the intensity of solar radiation, type of activity, length of stay in the sun, skin type and skin sensitivity.

However, it is not only the application of sunscreens that is important. Stay in the shade during the strong midday sun (between 11 am and 3 pm) and protect yourself from the sun with your hat, sunglasses and clothing. Artificial UV radiation also increases the risk of skin cancer, which is why solarium visits are not recommended.

The dermatologists at Dermanence will be happy to advise you on the sun protection that makes sense for you.

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