Surgical removal of benign skin tumours

Surgical removal of benign skin tumours

There are various skin tumours that are benign (i.e. they do not grow destructively and do not make offspring), but can infect, itch, hurt or mechanically disturb strongly. If this is the case, the only possible therapy is surgical removal. The operations are performed in our certified operating theatre under local anaesthesia. On the day of the operation one can eat normally and take the usual medication. Blood thinners (such as Aspirin, Marcoumar or Xarelto) do not have to be discontinued either. Before each operation, your dermatologist will inform you about the procedure planned and the necessary pre- and post-operative measures. It is important for us to achieve an optimal cosmetic result. Scar care is also very important for this. You will be instructed on how to remove the sutures.

One of the most common benign skin tumours is the skin tumour:
– Atheromas (sebaceous cysts)
– Lipomas (fatty tissue knots)
– Histiocytomas (reactive binge tissue nodules)


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