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Hollywood Laser Peel

Hollywood Peel (Carbon Laser Peel)

General information

The Carbon Laser Peel, also called Hollywood Peel, is an effective and gentle laser peeling after which the treated person is immediately socially acceptable again (no down-time). It is also called Hollywood Peel, because many stars perform the peeling before the performance on the red carpet to have an even and radiant complexion. Acne lesions (inflammatory pimples and blackheads), coarse pores, superficial wrinkles, fine pigment spots, melasma and sun damage can be treated.


At the beginning, a carbon-containing face mask is applied, which intensifies the laser effect. This is followed by three laser passes. During the first pass, the skin is warmed up and the mask is inserted deeper into the skin. The heat stimulates the formation of collagen. In the second pass, the mask and part of the upper skin layer is removed (exfoliation). The third pass refines the pores and achieves an antibacterial effect.


After the therapy, the skin may redden to a slight degree, and this reddens again after a short time.

Recommended treatment

An improvement of the skin appearance can already be visible after one treatment, in order to reach the maximum effect 3-6 treatments at intervals of 1-2 weeks are necessary.

Recommendation after therapy

The skin should not be exposed to the sun directly after the peeling or protected with sun protection.

Recommended aftercare products

Sun protection: 50 SPF

Duration of treatment

45 minutes





Ability to work


Our ability



On the following day

Sauna / swimming

On the following day


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