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Jetpeel – touchless, needleless and deep-acting

The JetPeel™ technology is the appropriate problem solver for a variety of dermatological and aesthetic challenges. The device uses jet technology derived from space travel. This enables a non-invasive, yet highly efficient skin treatment.

JetPeel uses a highly compressed and accelerated gas stream that allows liquids in a nebulised state to be focused into laser-fine jet streams. Through the patented JetPeel™ handpieces, these jet streams are directed at the skin at subsonic speeds, i.e. more than 200m/s. When applied to the skin, the handpiece continuously produces ultra-fine aerosol jets that exfoliate the epidermal layer and gently stretch the skin’s surface. Without the use of needles, and consequently without pain or other inconveniences such as skin injuries, the Jetstream opens up micro-channels in the skin that allow direct access to deeper skin layers. By using the JetPeel™ device in combination with Jet Solutions with its exclusive formulas for the treatment of various skin problems, nourishing micro-droplets are delivered to the Jetstreams, allowing them to be brought below the skin’s surface and act on the deeper layers of the skin. This effectively achieves visible results and the alleviation of dermatological problems. A great advantage here is that the treatment can be carried out regardless of the season and on all skin types.

Acne of all forms, rosacea (couperose), skin impurities, horny scaly skin, light-damaged skin, sagging skin, age spots, anti-aging, wrinkles, improvement of skin texture, skin flatness, skin smoothing, skin tightening, skin renewal, hyperpigmentation, lymphatic drainage, pore refinement.

The JetPeel is usually performed at two to four week intervals. After just 1-2 treatments, your skin will look fresher and feel finer. Approximately 6 consecutive sessions are recommended, after which treatments can take place as needed. Following each treatment, it is recommended to follow up with nourishing skin care products to give the JetPeel treatment the perfect finish.


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60-90 minutes


Sun protection SPF 50



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The steps

1st step: Lymphatic drainage.
Pleasant and relaxing massage, promotes purification of the skin and stimulates microcirculation.

2. Step: Cleansing
Pore-deep cleansing with the Jetpeel Detox Water.

3rd step: Exfoliation.
Removal of dead skin cells, preparing the skin for the addition of nutrients.

4th step: Hydroporation.
Effective introduction of highly active ingredients into deep layers of the skin.


How does a treatment proceed?
After cleansing the area(s) to be treated, the skin is treated with the patented JetPeel handpiece, which distributes the gas-water mixture via small nozzles. Afterwards, highly dosed substances such as hyaluronic acid or vitamins are injected deep into the lower tissue layers. This is particularly successful because the skin is much more receptive after the JetPeel treatment.

How long does a session last?
The treatment lasts between 30 and 90 minutes.

Do you have to expect downtime?
Downtime does not need to be planned for after the JetPeel treatment. In rare cases, temporary redness, swelling or irritation may occur.

What must be observed after the treatment?
In the first days after the treatment, the skin must be protected from UV rays. Therefore, a sunscreen should be applied daily and direct sun should be avoided.

What results can be expected?
The first positive effects are visible immediately after the treatment: the skin looks significantly fresher and has a unique youthful glow. A long-term effect can be achieved after about six sessions.

Are risks and complications known?
Side effects are not known with the JetPeel treatment. Since the serums are individually adapted to the skin, the procedure is suitable even for sensitive skin. An allergic reaction to one of the active ingredients used is possible.

Before the therapy.
If possible, do not apply any creams or make-up before your appointment.

What to expect during or after therapy:
– There may be some temporary irritation, tightness or redness of the skin. These are normal reactions that usually disappear within 72 hours, depending on the sensitivity of the skin.
– Tingling or stinging may occur in the treated area, but these sensations will subside after a few hours.
– You will probably see the results immediately after the treatment: Your skin feels silky and smooth and is optimally moisturised for one to four weeks.
– The skin is more sensitive to sunburn and sun damage after the therapy. Avoid excessive sun exposure and use a sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 50.
Do not use the therapy in the following situations:
– An active infection or open wound in the treatment area.
– Sunburn in the treatment area
– Very fragile skin, which tends to bleed into the skin quickly, or long-term cortisone therapy (which has made the skin sensitive).
– Directly after wrinkle treatment (at least a 2 week break is necessary).


Face approx. 1h00 | CHF 250

Face and neck approx. 1h30 | CHF 350

Face, neck and décolleté approx. 1h30 | CHF 400


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