Laser tattoo removal

A clean solution that goes under the skin.

Laser tattoo removal

A tattoo doesn’t have to be for eternity anymore. With the laser unwanted tattoos can be removed skin-friendly. By the laser beams the color pigments, which are in the middle skin layer are reduced, so that they can be taken up by the scavenger cells of the body and transported away. This allows a tattoo to be permanently removed. The depth, colour and size of the tattoo influence the number of treatments.

The skin should not be tanned on the therapy day, which is why laser therapy is preferably carried out in sun-exposed areas during the winter months (October to April).

The dermatologists at Dermanence will be happy to provide you with detailed information in a personal consultation.

Duration of treatment

20-30 minutes


Wound care, consistent sun protection


Anesthetic gel 1 hour before surgery, then local anesthetic

Ability to work


Our ability



On the following day

Sauna / swimming

On the following day


Costs (PDF)

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