Photodynamic Therapy

Light therapy (photodynamic therapy)

Light therapy is a very gentle and effective therapy method, with which various skin diseases such as psoriasis, atopic eczema (neurodermatitis), vitiligo (white spot disease), prurigo simplex or generalized itching can be treated. In most cases, only a wavelength from the UV range (311 nm) is used, which has an anti-inflammatory effect even at low doses and at which, according to the current state of the art, there is no increased risk of developing skin cancer. If necessary, a longer wavelength light from the UVA range can also be used.

Dermanence has the modern light cabin of the Waldmann company (Waldmann UV 2007). This includes a UV sensor system for exact dosimetry and a patient alarm for patient safety. The lamp length of 2 metres ensures homogeneous irradiation from head to toe. The internal control panel with remaining time display and control functions, as well as the multi-stage adjustable cooling, ensure comfortable therapy.

The whole-body light therapy is carried out 3x/week, usually over 1-3 months (with vitiligo significantly longer). Before the first treatment and afterwards monthly medical controls take place. The eyes and genital area are protected during the treatment by protective goggles or underwear. The individual treatments last only a few seconds to minutes. The treatment begins with a low dosage, which, if well tolerated, is increased at regular intervals up to the therapeutic dose. Light therapy can be carried out at any time during our opening hours without an appointment.

A detailed explanation and instruction will be given on site after you and your dermatologist have decided on the therapy.

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