HydraFacial MD

Deep pore cleansing, even skin and a radiant complexion.


The HydraFacial facial treatment known from the USA immediately makes the skin look younger, more radiant and healthier. HydraFacial is so effective because it combines peeling, deep cleansing and care with antioxidants, vitamins and hyaluron with the effect of LED light and lymph drainage.

HydraFacial is suitable for every skin type, every gender and every skin colour.

It is a true all-rounder, improves the skin texture and supports the following skin properties:

  • elasticity & clamping force
  • Luminosity of the complexion
  • pigmentation spots / sun damage
  • Ageing of the skin



The all-rounder for pure, radiant skin

The HydraFacial combines in four steps skin removal, deep cleansing and infiltration of antioxidants, vitamins and hyaluron. The “Vortex” technology used is unique. The handpiece’s Vortex attachment looks like a small spiral and channels highly effective, concentrated serums into the skin, while the edges of the attachment&nbsp. remove dead skin cells and cleanse them deep into the pores.

Optionally, the system can also be used for light therapy and lymph drainage to enhance the treatment effect.


1st Step: Skin removal

Dead skin cells are removed and healthy, fresh skin appears.


2nd Step: GlySal™- Acid scrub

This gentle peeling helps soften deposits in the pores and prepares the deep cleansing.


3rd step: Deep cleansing

Impurities and dissolved sebum deposits are extracted from the pore structure by a vacuum.


4th step: Hydration

Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid are introduced into the skin through the Vortex Fused Tip.


Immediately after treatment with HydraFacial, a skin improvement is visible. The skin is more radiant, cleaner, plumper and better supplied with blood. The complexion is fresh. The smoothing result and skin hydration can last up to a week.

How often is the treatment with HydraFacial recommended?

At the beginning 3 treatments at intervals of 2-4 weeks are recommended to achieve a significant improvement of skin impurities, small wrinkles and pigmentation spots. Afterwards the HydraFacial treatment should be carried out every 4-6 weeks to achieve lasting results.  

Can you go directly under people after the HydraFacial?

After the treatment you are immediately fit for everyday use again. At best, slight reddening may occur, but this can be covered up well. The skin may also peel slightly after the treatment.

When should HydraFacial not be used?

During pregnancy or lactation, as well as in case of acute infections in the treatment area, no treatment may be carried out. Alternatively, a “Fire and Ice Facial” can be performed during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


HydraFacial Basic approx. 1h00 | CHF 250

Intensive cleaning of your skin. During the 4 treatment steps, skin flakes, sebum deposits, blackheads and impurities are softened and gently removed. The skin is peeled and shines in a new brilliance.

HydraFacial Basic approx. 1h00 | CHF 250

Intensive cleaning of your skin. During the 4 treatment steps, skin flakes, sebum deposits, blackheads and impurities are softened and gently removed. The skin is peeled and shines in a new brilliance.

HydraFacial Premium approx. 1h30 | CHF 310

Intensive cleaning and LED light therapy.

After the 4 cleansing steps of the basic treatment your skin is perfectly prepared for the following LED light therapy. Red light has a cell-renewing effect and counteracts the first loss of elasticity. Blue light stimulates the oxygen production of the skin and improves the cell supply.

HydraFacial Deluxe approx. 1h30 | CHF 350

Intensive cleansing, luxury serum, LED light therapy, antioxidants.

After the 4 cleansing steps, a luxury serum is infused into the skin. It differs between two ampoules, which you choose yourself:

  • Regen GF Booster Ampoule: designed to increase collagen and elastin production, diminish the appearance of fine lines, and traps and removes toxins and irritants.
  • NassifMD Hydration Booster Ampoule: rejuvenates and protects your skin, hydrates, repairs and gives a radiant appearance , also fights signs of aging. Immediately after injection, the red LED light stimulates the body’s own collagen production, which strengthens connective tissue and smoothes wrinkles. This ampoule was developed by Hollywood star surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif.

Finally, an antioxidant serum is massaged into the skin. This mixture works with synergistic substances that detoxify and protect the skin, restoring its natural beautiful appearance.

The additional options for HydraFacial Basic, Premium or Deluxe

+ 1 zone (neck or décolleté): + 100 CHF

+ 2 zones (neck and décolleté): + 150 CHF

For an immediately visible smoother and more radiant skin. Book your HydraFacial appointment now by phone at 044 482 09 09 or online.


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