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Rosacea (Cuperosis)

Rosacea, or couprose, is one of the most common inflammatory skin diseases in adults. It is characterized by fine, dilated veins on the face, reddened skin, nodules and pus pimples. Some of those affected may also develop nodular thickening of the sebaceous glands, most often on the nose. In addition to the skin, the eyes can also be affected. The predisposition is hereditary. Factors that can aggravate rosacea include sun, alcohol, coffee or eating hot food.

Rosacea is a chronic disease that cannot be cured, but can be treated very well.

Rosacea therapy

As a basic therapy, local therapies with creams containing antibiotics or parasitic agents are carried out, as the hair follicle mites are increased in rosacea patients and these mites are able to maintain the inflammation in the skin. In addition, sebum-reducing and anti-inflammatory topics are used. In case of a stronger infestation antibiotic therapies or a therapy with medication (vitamin A acid) are possible.

The dilated veins in the face can be treated with laser. If the sebaceous glands multiply, only surgical therapy can usually help.

The skin should be consistently protected with an oil-free sunscreen to prevent aggravation of rosacea by the sun. Skin care products that regulate sebum, mattify and conceal redness are also important.

Rosacea. Affected body region: cheek area.

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