59 active ingredients against aging combined

Smoothes wrinkles, refreshes the complexion, tightens and hydrates.


Mesotherapy is a unique treatment method that has been tried and tested for decades to provide the skin or scalp with the necessary active ingredients.

The targeted injection of nutrients into the skin leads to smoothing of wrinkles, refreshment of the complexion, tightening (mesolift) and hydration. The skin is thus revitalised, more radiant and more even. The therapy is mainly used on the face, neck, décolleté and the back of the hands.

The Fillmed NCTF 135 HA cocktail of active ingredients from Filorga used in Dermanence contains hyaluronic acid and 59 skin-rejuvenating ingredients (vitamins, amino acids, co-enzymes, nucleic acids and minerals). The skin is thus completely nourished.

A minimum of 3 applications at intervals of 2 weeks are recommended, followed by 2 applications at intervals of 4 weeks. The therapies can be repeated as often as desired.

The mesotherapy of the scalp is carried out for hormone-dependent (so-called androgenetic) and non-hormone-dependent hair loss. It is not applied in case of scarring hair loss.

The cocktail of active ingredients used in Dermanence for the scalp XL Hair contains 51 active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, vitamins, peptides, amino acids, trace elements, antioxidants, flavonoids, terpenoids, fatty acids, as well as the growth factor FGF). Treatment with XL Hair slows down hair loss, improves skin quality and promotes renewed and sustained growth.

Weekly applications are recommended for 4-12 weeks, then every 2 weeks for another 2 months.

By combining mesotherapy and carboxytherapy, so-called mesocarboxytherapy, which is carried out alternately, the therapeutic effect can be increased.

Duration of treatment

from 30 minutes





Ability to work







next day


Costs (PDF)

Video Mesotherapie

Costs: Mesotherapy

approx. 3 treatments necessary.

Individual treatment Mesotherapy with Meso-Cocktail 0h30 | CHF 300 (each additional zone CHF 100)

Individual treatment Mesotherapy scalp 0h30 | CHF 200

Meso-therapy in a 3-person subscription with 10% discount

All the above-mentioned meso treatments are also available as a 3-session. Benefit from a 10% discount compared to three individually booked treatments.

Let our team of doctors advise you without obligation. The consultation costs 100 CHF. This amount will be credited if an aesthetic therapy is conducted. Aesthetic services must be paid for directly after the treatment.

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