Cold treatment


Cryotherapy (cold treatment)

Various skin changes can be treated with very cold, liquid nitrogen. It is a fast, efficient and cost-effective treatment method. Cryotherapy in the doctor’s office is significantly more effective and better dosed than with commercially available products.

Cryotherapy is used among other things for superficial white skin cancers (actinic keratoses, superficial basal cell carcinomas and Bowen’s disease) and for all types of warts (e.g. thorny warts or genital warts). Excessive scarring (keloid) can also be treated with cryotherapy.

The therapy is more or less painful (depending on the person’s sensation of pain), but is usually tolerated very well without prior anesthesia. After cryotherapy, the treated area is reddened for a few days and crusts or blisters may form, which is quite normal. The usual care products can be applied to the treated areas.

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